Price: $1,100

Seller: roger guerin
State: Arkansas
City: Berlin
Zip code: 03570
Type: Motorcycles

black bike recently rebuilt carbs new forks new dunlop tires refurbished gas tank lined and spraypainted and reserve tank has been lined runs good 4 into 1 pipe i have replaced someshifter parts inturnaly at a honda dealler so if you know about this stuff you know inner gasquet you know how mutch comes appart if it was bad i fixed not to have to pay to take motor out of frame agin big job .with good battery it starts with just a 1 to 2 second tutch call if any quetions or email.. if you want a fast bike 179 top speed quick to plus a comfiter,bull ride check it out bring battery or jumper cables and you can drive it home i started at for it now at firm this is a steel for how good it runs you must check it out